Fundación Bertelsmann launches a competition for young people

Filma tu dual

The stakeholder of the #Pact4Youth project brings dual VET closer to young people through a video competition

Fundación Bertelsmann, a stakeholder of the #Pact4Youth project, has launched the competition ‘Filma tu dual’, aimed at young students of dual vocational training with the aim of guiding and giving visibility to this educational option.

The aim of this competition is that students who are studying a dual vocational training programme can show their day-to-day training and experience during their period in the company, to give value to the profession for which they are preparing, in a creative and original way. Of all the videos submitted, the best will receive a prize.

The requirements for participants are to be studying a dual vocational training cycle and to be over 16 years old. The deadline for submitting the video is April 15, 2024.

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