What is

Pact4Youth is a 24-month project co-funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme, that supports the Pact for Skills initiative of the EU, and aims at laying the foundations for youth employability in the construction sector.

Pact4Youth project is focused on increasing the number of young people working in the construction industry, promoting training for skilling and reskilling to enable the development of a future-oriented professional career in the sector.

To achieve this goal, four training providers and the four main employers’ organisations in the construction sector in Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Spain have come together to develop a long-term strategy (in the form of a Roadmap and Action Plan) to improve the attractiveness of the construction industry for the young people, thus, encouraging them to enter the sector. The countries involved in the project share common challenges in relation to the construction industry, especially regarding the lack of skilled labour force, the lack of young workers and women, and the high youth unemployment rates at national level. This collaboration between training providers and employers has the potential to reshape the perceptions of young people regarding careers in construction, making it an attractive and viable option.

The foreseen long-term strategy will benefit the construction industry in these countries and also will provide young individuals with opportunities for their future professional careers. To achieve this, differents groups of individuals will need to be involved in the project, in several activities: young people, employers, trainers, counsellors, public administrations, social partners, and, in short, all the stakeholders involved in the training and employment scopes for the sector.

Different actions will be developed to involve them, and a series of initiatives and activities directly addressed towards young people, companies and trainers/counsellors are to be developed. You can have further information on these actions in the different sections of this website.

Download the OneSlide of the project here .