#CIONITIA: Bringing construction closer to young people

The Fundaci贸n Laboral de la Construcci贸n launches a campaign focused on increasing the interest of young people in the construction sector

The Fundaci贸n Laboral de la Construcci贸n launches an educational innovation initiative called #CIONITIA, which consists of bringing the construction sector closer to students of ESO and basic vocational training to increase interest in the industry, and present it as a job opportunity and attract them to train in it.

The project #CIONITIA reaches young people through an escape-box activity that presents a world in which the construction sector has been paralyzed and they must solve different enigmas with technological resources and tools, becoming the protagonists of the “reconstruction”.

This project has been carried out throughout different institutes in Spain as a pilot project and the intention is to continue until it reaches all of them. In addition, it is intended to be included in fairs and events aimed at young people between 14 and 18 years of age in order to reach as many of them as possible.