We attended the webinar on ‘Learning in construction’

European Commission organizes a seminar on the obstacles faced by the construction sector on its way to sustainable transition

The Fundaci贸n Laboral de la Construcci贸nas coordinator of the project #Pact4Youth attended the online seminar of the European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA) on “Apprenticeships in construction: Driving the green transition in the EU through the Wave of Renewal“, organized by the Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion of the European Commission, on November 29th.

During the seminar, the position of construction as one of the largest economic sectors, employing 13.5 million people and creating 27 million indirect jobs, was defended. However, despite these numbers, the sector faces obstacles in its transition to sustainability, such as labor shortages and aging.

To address these challenges, initiatives have been launched from Europe to promote sustainable practices and renewal within the industry, such as the Renovation Wave and the New European Bauhaus. Quality apprenticeships are also advocated as part of the solution, as they help to align the workforce with sustainability goals and make the sector more attractive to women and other underrepresented groups, such as young people in the construction sector. Therefore, projects such as #Pact4Youth seek to attract young talent to the construction site, spreading an attractive and positive image of the sector.聽

During the seminar, experts, policy makers, industry representatives and members of the European Commission delved into these issues, providing the vision that training drives the construction sector’s path towards environmental sustainability.